Tag Validator

StreamRail’s Tag Validator is one of a kind.

Before jumping in to details it is important to emphasize that this tool is a recommendation of ours and StreamRail does not take any liability over these suggestions.
This tool was developed to provide our clients with the best way to implement tags from several servers.
The way it works technically, is that we look at Data from the past 30 days and sample different tags that our clients implemented as Ad Sources throughout the entire system. We then calculate the most successful tag, and this is how our Tag Validator provides its suggestions.
The Tag Validator will check the tag every time the tag is changed within the Ad Source entity.

Here’s an example of how this tool works:
Example tag https://ssp.streamrail.net/ssp/vpaid/AAAAAAAAAAAA/BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB?cb=[CB]&width=[WIDTH]&height=[HEIGHT]&dnt=[DO_NOT_TRACK]&sub_id=[SUB_ID]&app_name=[APP_NAME]&bundle_id=[BUNDLE_ID]&ifa=[IFA]&app_store_url=[APP_STORE_URL]&app_category=[APP_CATEGORY]&ip=[IP]&ua=[UA]&user_lat=[USER_LAT]&user_lon=[USER_LON]&user_consent=[USER_CONSENT]&gdpr=[GDPR]

When the tag above is implemented in a StreamRail account, the Tag Validator goes over all characters. It will figure out this tag belongs to StreamRail’s server and will know that the macros and place holders (marked in bold) are recommended for this tag to work in the most efficient way.
The indication if the tag is correct is –
The indication if the tag is wrong/unknown is – .
When clicking on this icon, you will either get a notification providing suggestions on how to fix the tag to the most recommended setup or a notification saying we are not familiar with this server.

Critical Alert – If we are not familiar with a tag, or if you decided not to change macros/placeholders as we suggested, the tag will still work as expected.

In the following cases the system will suggest to change/replace/remove/add macros or place holders:
– One or more of the recommended macros/placeholders does not exist
– One or more of the recommended macros/placeholders is not typed correctly
– One or more of the recommended macros/placeholders should be removed

When the Tag Validator is suggesting a different type of setup, you will see a table containing 5 columns:
Message – a short description of the error
Parameter – the parameter that we suggest to change/replace/remove/add
Current Value – what appears currently in the tag implemented
Action Type – the action needed to be done (can be macro if needed to add or change, or remove if necessary to remove)
Value – the value that our Tag Validator suggests to update

Once checking the checkbox of a suggestion rule, you can choose to select all rules at once to update all our suggestions.
Clicking the “Update Tag” button will update the tag within the entity according to the rules you selected to apply.