Supply side

Supply side within the Exchange is based on a fixed rate of the price floor.

In order to activate a specific Traffic Channel to the Exchange:
1. Click on the ‘Traffic Channel’ tab and choose the Traffic Channel that you’d like to connect/ open to the Exchange.
2. Scroll down to the Exchange availability section (at the bottom of the entity).
3. Click on Yes if you’d like to connect this Traffic Channel as a seller through the exchange. If you want to exclusively open this Traffic Channel to the Exchange, set the ‘Exchange exclusive’ to Yes.
4. Select a fixed price floor for your Traffic Channel. The Traffic Channel will be able to sell its inventory to buyers with higher (or equal) Rev share cost than the price floor of the Traffic Channel.
5. Edit the buyers list according to your preference and save your settings.

Supply side Bulk actions

It is possible to simultaneously connect multiple Traffic Channels to the Exchange. Simply select multiple Traffic Channels, and click the ‘Manage Exchange’ button:
Include in Exchange– connect all selected Traffic Channels to the exchange.

Exchange Only– exclusively activate these Traffic Channels as potential suppliers available only on the Exchange.

Edit profit Margin– set a price floor for each Traffic Channel, based on the profit margin.

Add/Remove Buyers– add/remove specific buyers from these Traffic Channels.

Exclude from exchange – deactivate these Traffic Channels from the exchange.