Protected media

The recommended pixel format according to Protected is JS, and provides more information than the IMG pixel.

There are a few things one must pay attention to while implementing a Protected pixel on StreaRails platform.
Please make sure your pixel meets the following requirements:
1) ‘tt’ macro is mandatory, and must come before the macro ‘#tid=’, like this:

2) ‘#tid=’ macro –
The ‘#tid’ macro is an informative field and allows you to better track and filter the information on Protected’s platform. This field represents the type of environment this pixel scans.
For desktop activity, input the following: streamrail-JS-DT
For mobile-web activity, input the following: streamrail-JS-IA
For in-app activity, input the following: streamrail-JS-MW

You can input any value instead of the 3 aforementioned options, according to your requirements.

3) Mandatory macro after ‘#tid’ –
The following macros are mandatory on all pixels.


Notice both page_url and bundle_id are mandatory, even though the page_url refers to MW and DT activity, and bundle_id refers to IA.
Protected handles each scan individually, and will only replace the relevant macros for that activity, according to the information gathered from the end-user. For example, if the end-user is on a mobile app, the Bundle ID will be sent and replaced in the pixel, while the page url will stay empty. This will allow you to better track your activity on Protected’s platform.

A pixel should look like this:[SR_TRAFFIC_CHANNEL_NAME]&l2=[SR_AD_SOURCE_NAME]&l3=[APP_NAME]&l4=[BUNDLE_ID]&l5=[WIDTH]X[HEIGHT]&uip=[IP]&ref=[PAGE_URL]&pub_app=[BUNDLE_ID]&pub_domain=[PAGE_URL]&cb=[CB]