Account Settings

Your login details will be provided to you by your Customer Success Manager.

Settings tab contains relevant settings options for the account level:
Users – under your organization you can set 3 types of users:
1. Super User – the Administrator who gets full access to the account and can create new logins
2. Account Manager- a user that has a full access to the account but cannot create new logins
3. Supply Partner- a user that you will provide your Publishers in order to give them access to their data (only): Revenue (which is your Cost), Impressions, Fill rate and eCPM.

System Settings– this is where you can configure the time zone of your account , create Label types (for more information about Labels go to Optimization tips under Business logic and optimization), and also attach a Global Pixel (for more information about Global Pixel go to Event Integration under IVT).

Restrictions– enable you to attach Black Lists on the Environment level (for more information about Restrictions go to Restrictions under Business logic and Optimization).

Ads.txt– the Ads.txt should be provided to your Publishers, based on the ID of your account.