Macros report

Passing macros to the advertiser is usually crucial, and must be done correctly. StreamRail implemented a report to show whether are passed to the platform from the Traffic Channel.

In order to use the Macros report, go to Macros under Reports:
The report’s first dimension is set to Traffic Channel, and can’t be changed, because the report reflects the supply passing macros. If needed, filter the report to a specific Traffic Channel by inputting its name or ID.

The second and third dimensions which can be added are Supply partner and Date.

The report’s available date ranges are:
Last 3 days (3 days back from Yesterday, including Yesterday)

All environments are represented in the report, which means not all of the macros columns will show them being passed. For example, a Mobile App Traffic Channel will show IFA (Unique Device ID) being passed, but will not show the Page URL. This is because in Mobile App there are no pages, only apps, as opposed to Mobile Web and Desktop which do not have a bundle ID macro, but do have a Page URL macro.

Please consider the environment of the Traffic Channel when looking at this report!

Inventory represents the amount of traffic that was sent to the Traffic Channel. Opportunities indicate how much of that inventory was converted to Opportunities.

You can also download this report as an excel document.