IAS integration

IAS Post-bid integration

StreamRail is fully integrated with Integral Ad Science company (IAS). The integration is on a Post-bid
basis. Thanks to IAS you can easily analyze your Impressions and exclude the suspicious activity. The IAS feature is optional. It is disabled by default, therefore you will have to enable it in order to scan your Impressions. Please follow these steps to set up scanning using IAS:
1. Click on “Tools” on the upper-right side at the top of the page.
2. Click on “Activate” (**By clicking activate you agree to our Terms and Conditions, including a $0.08 CPM fee, for scanned impressions only).
3. Go to “Supply Partner” and scroll down to “IVT Tools”.
4. Input the percentage of the Impressions you would like to scan for this specific Supply partner.
5. Once the IVT % is inputted on the Supply partner level, it will affect all of the traffic from this Supply partner. In case you would like to change the percentage on a specific Traffic Channel, go to Traffic Channel under Supply, scroll down to “IVT”, click on “set custom sample rate” and change the percentage of this Traffic Channel as you wish.