Exchange optimization using the Performance dashboard

The Performance dashboard allows you to generate a combined visual and numeric report.
Please note: the Performance dashboard does not contain all the metrics and dimensions which are in the Custom report.

Once the Exchange within your account is activated, 3 additional metrics will be added to the dashboard:
Exchange buyer – presents all the partners that buy your traffic through the Exchange.
Exchange seller– presents all the partners that sell you traffic through the Exchange.
Seller TC– shows each of your sellers ID.

Exchange optimization

Buyers side
Selling traffic through the Exchange is the same as selling traffic through the Network activity. Meaning, you cannot know for sure if the traffic that you send to your buyers, is the type of traffic your buyers expect to receive.
However, there are several cases you should pay attention to while optimizing.
When you see that a partner received many Requests but responded with few (or zero) Bids, set the Traffic Channel level at a lower Price floor. You can also ask your demand partner to increase the rates of the active Ad Sources for the Exchange.
The amount of Bids your buyer generates, depends on the amount of demand that your partner activated for the Exchange. Meaning, small amount of demand could lead to a limited amount of available Ad Sources from your buyer’s end.

Please note: the Requests that appear on the reports, refer to the Requests that were sent to the dummy entity (this dummy entity stands for the entity that the system creates whenever a connection is made between 2 partners within the Exchange). Meaning, those Requests are not real Requests being sent to your buyer, but to the dummy entity itself, searching for relevant Demand on the partner’s account.
Thus, the amount of real Requests which will be sent to your buyer will amount to either equal or less than the absolute number that appears as Requests in the reports.
Your goal is to make sure that Requests are turning into Bids which are turning into Wins and so on, up until creation of Impression.

Sellers side
Make sure your sellers send you relevant traffic that match your demand partners’ preference, according to their Targeting conditions (i.e filters of Country, Player size, Domain/ Bundle ID list etc).
On the Ad Source level you can also exclude specific seller TC (Traffic Channel) ID’s that send irrelevant traffic to your demand partners.