Connecting Demand and Supply

There are two ways to optimize your traffic using the StreamRail platform – using a Manual Waterfall or using the Automatic option.
Select the type of optimization you’d like to use by toggling the ‘Optimization Type’ key, under the Traffic Channel level:

Automatic Waterfall Optimization
The system delivers the traffic to relevant Ad Sources, based on the setup of each Traffic Channel (in terms of Price floor, Environment, targeting, etc). This means there is no need to manually connect between Demand and Supply.
If ‘Automatic’ is selected, the word ‘Automatic’ will appear under the ‘Optimization Type’ column (located in the Traffic Channels main page). In order to check the number of available Ad Sources for that Traffic Channel, click on ‘Automatic’ and you will be directed to the list of available Ad Sources for that specific Traffic Channel:

On this page you will see all the available Ad Sources in the system along with their delivery status : Available / Inconclusive / Unavailable.
Available Ad Sources– all Ad Sources that can deliver for this specific Traffic Channel according to their targeting condition.
Inconclusive Ad Sources – all Ad Sources that may be blocked from delivering due to Domain/bundle ID targeting conflicts.
Unavailable Ad Sources – all Ad Sources blocked from delivering due to targeting conditions.

Manual Waterfall
You can configure your own Waterfall based on your preferences. The manual Waterfall is usually used in specific cases. For example, having a Demand Partner to which you want to send specific traffic.

Once choosing to work with manual Waterfall, you will be required you to build your own Waterfall according to the following steps:
1. On the Traffic Channel level, set the Traffic Channel to ‘Waterfall’ option.
2. Go to Manage >> Waterfalls in order to create a new Manual Waterfall.
3. Build a new Waterfall entity and assign a Traffic Channel to which the Waterfall Ad Sources you configured will apply. Alternatively, you can configure the Waterfall to be applied on all Traffic Channels with Manual configuration.
4. After saving the Waterfall entity, locate the new Waterfall and click on the zero (‘0’) under the Ad Sources column in order to add Ad Sources to the Waterfall, and configure their tiers according to the your requirements.