Custom report

The Custom report is your place to customize your own report using a variety of multiple metrics and dimensions at the same time.

Follow the instructions below to create a new Custom report:
1. Create a new report by clicking the blue plus “+” button and name your report.
2. Use the menu to set the date range of your report from the menu: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Month to date, Last month or customize the date range based on your preference.
3. Set the time zone of your report (it could be either the same time zone as your account or a different one). Our system supports UTC, EDT/EST and PDT/PST time zones.
4. Choose the relevant dimensions required for your analysis.
5. Choose the relevant metrics required for your analysis.
6. You can add each report as a filter based on your preference. For instance, you can filter specific reports for specific Domains, Bundles, Ad Sources etc.
You can simplify the report by using a metric filter such as Requests greater than 1000.
7. Save the report.

By clicking the 3 dots near the name of the report, you can then:
Re-generate the report
Edit the report
Set a scheduled report by filling in the recipients and frequency fields (in order to have an end-date of the report, enable “End Delivery”, and select the date on which the report should stop being sent).
Duplicate the report
Download the report
Archive the report